Cancelled? No, Covert Affairs gets renewed for season 5

I really liked Covert Affairs first season. But later, the series started to go down. I didn’t tought (like lots of people) that it would past two or three seasons, but it wasn’t cancelled, and it has been announced that USA renews Covert Affairs for a fifth season. So, the serie starred by Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham will continue in 2014.
covert affairs cancelled
“No other series on television travels the globe to tell a story like Covert Affairs, and we are pleased to bring it back for another season,” said Chris McCumber, president of USA Network. “With its intricate storytelling, diverse characters and authentic locations, the series continues to be a cornerstone in our lineup of USA’s original signature dramas.”

Although a competitor appears to what McCumber says: Crossing Lines seeks to be the new series that travel the world (or at least Europe) in a police plot. And really does it very well. But obviously Covert Affairs has already made ​​a place in viewers’ screens, and won’t easy to remove it. We’ll see if they get direct competitors for 2014 at the same screen time or continue their separate ways.

There will be 16 new episodes this year for Covert Affairs, and we will keep seeing Annie Walker on our screens. The renewal comes mere weeks before Covert Affairs returns for the second half of its fourth season, which wrapped its summer run in mid-September. It was one of summer’s top 10 cable scripted shows, with nearly 4 million viewers.

Do you like Covert Affairs? Did you expected it to be cancelled or hoped it would be renewed?

2 thoughts on “Cancelled? No, Covert Affairs gets renewed for season 5

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  2. I didn’t think it would be cancelled ! It is one of my favorite shows. I was really upset when I read that it might be cancelled. I am so pleased that it has 16 new episodes . USAis my favorite cannel. I hope it will stay on for a long time !

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